Jon Favreau* sighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After class today Amanda and I walked to the White House after grabbing some lunch at the McDonalds around the corner. ( We go out for lunch every Thursday to avoid our cleaning lady because we feel strange having someone else do our chores).  While we were loitering in front of our favorite stretch of fence we saw staffers from the West Wing entering and exiting the front gate.  As we watched, a man in a blue dress shirt came outside.  After some gawking, Amanda supposed that it might be John Favreau.  She snapped an inconspicuous picture of the fella on her cell phone. Upon returning to the dorm, we shared the picture with Anne who helped us confirm it was, indeed, Jon Favreau.

To make this all the more exciting, he seemed like a supremely affable guy.  He was chatting amiably with other West-Wingers.  Next time, I promised Amanda, we would say something.

This was infinitely more exciting than the possible sighting late in June.  My college orientation group was hanging out on Pennsylvania Avenue at about 11 pm and I though that I might have seen him leaving work, but there’s no way to be certain.

If we can get Amanda’s picture up here, you’ll be able to have your very on Jon Favreau sighting!

*Jon Favreau is Obama’s Director of Speechwriting. He is the second-youngest person to hold the position.  He also happens to be my idol.

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