Killer Mirror

Christmas. Everyone who celebrates it does so differently.  Every year around this time, I get nostalgic.  This year, I chose (perhaps unwisely, seeing as how it was finals week) to use the time to reacquaint myself with one of my favorite tv shows, Friends.  It is one of my aunt’s favorite shows, and, after she told me about it, it quickly became one of mine as well.

Seeing as how it’s been off of the air for five years or so (not including reruns, of course), I realized how much I really had forgotten about the details.  Which is strange to me since I seem to have a freakish knack for remembering those in my favorite shows. Anyhow, I began with season five and have watched through the beginning of season seven.  (Darn you, Megavideo, only allowing me to watch, at maximum, 72 minutes at a time!) In other words, I have watched the evolution of Monica and Chandler’s relationship. I’m not going to lie, I kind of envy it.  I really like the episode, “The One with the Nap Parters.” I tried to find a specific clip, but it was a no-go. You can watch the entire episode here.  My favorite part is when Monica gets home and goes to sit on the couch. But, before she sits down, they kind of high-five each other. It’s maybe the cutest thing ever.

Also, the title of today’s post has to do with this mashup between a Killers and an Arcade Fire song.  Give it a listen.  It’s supposed to be a tribute to Amanda, whom I’ve been unintentionally copying. It’s not my fault she’s so awesome. Sorry, Amanda.

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