I want a Pretty Pretty Princess, and a Pony, and a Switchblade

Hi all! Happy (very, very belated) New Years. I hope that this decade is treating you well.  I know that I’m having a blast. Classes started on the 11th and they are all glorious.  The teachers are fabulous and the coursework is light.  I mean, I can’t really ask for more than a class on Jane Austen. And, yes, all we do is read her novels and then chat about them. Well, okay, occasionally we watch a clip from a movie adaptation. Sure, sure, there will be an occasional assignment, but that’s small potatoes.  I’m sure that throughout the semester you will hear lots of praise, jubilation and some rants and raves about that course, along with all of my others. But that will come in due time.

The big news today: I’m no longer 18!!! As of the 17th, I’m officially a 19-year-old. And I’m loving it. I started of the day (well, night really) watching a lovely Christmas gift from my friend Peter – Stargate SG-1. He bought me a VHS of the original movie and another of the first two episodes.  It reminded me of how campy the beginning was. Since then, I’ve been working my way through the series – I’m only halfway through the first season.  The rest of the day I spent with my DC family.  We went to a meeting and then to a “secret dinner” at Chipotle before playing some Scattergories.

On MLK day, Anne and I walked over to hang around the White House for a bit. That evening a group of us walked (a very long and misjudged distance) to the Jefferson Memorial. It was mostly deserted, so we had free run of the place. I can’t remember the last time I have been more at peace than sitting on those steps, staring across the Tidal Basin at the White House. Anne swears I have the same look of utter tranquility when I’m holding my new 20-bullet Nerf tommy gun. Don’t believe her.

And, last but not least, ROLL TIDE!!! Congratulations to the University of Alabama Crimson Tide on winning the BCS championship over Texas this year. You’re my boys. Watching that game, as “eh” as it was, made me almost regret not accepting their offer of admission. Almost. But, alas, I’m happy at school in DC. I had a fine time sitting in the living room with my dad in front of a fire watching the game on tv instead of sitting in a wild stadium in beautiful Pasadena, California. I swear.

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