“Yeah, he’s cute in that trapper-keeper, pocket-protector, inhaler way.”

Freshman year of college is finally behind me and I have absolutely no idea how I feel about it. Well, I loved the year. I fell in love with DC completely and it’s my city. I can’t wait to go back, to live there in the future, whatever. The city is a place I feel completely at home. But, so is my home in Ohio. I’m really grateful that I have these two amazing homes and two equally amazing families.  At the same time I almost feel guilty, though, that I don’t feel more separation anxiety. Really, the transition from home to college to home again has been almost nonexistent. I just keep on truckin’. The only real challenge: falling asleep in my bedroom at home. It’s eerily dark and quiet here. No drunk college students speaking unidentifiable languages or rapping outside of my window, no streetlights casting orange shadows across my room, no ambulances or trucks backing up outside of my window at ungodly hours of the morning. Just calm, quiet, nights in my big, comfy bed. And lots and lots of green outside of my windows. I mean, I never realized how green my town was before this. It’s absurd how green it is here. Oh, well, it’s nice, at least.

Oh, and some of the great things I have been enjoying at home. Well, one would be my new favorite song.

Another would be these ridiculous(ly awesome!) Victorian Collages:

Photocollage: The Victorian Version Of Photoshop

And, last but not least, this delightful site that I already tossed over to my good friend Hannah to check out. It’s well worth it. I mean, what’s better than hot guys reading books? No, seriously. There is nothing better. Check it out:

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