Geek Chic

So much and so little all going on at the same time. I was supposed to go over to the Hill between classes yesterday for a 3 hour seminar on HTML but the Metro was terribly delayed, so I was stuck in Foggy Bottom. That was cool with me because it gave me the opportunity to walk down to the Lincoln Memorial. It was a beautiful day, managing to stay sunny and in the 70s. Fun fact: the back of the Lincoln Memorial is a great place to do homework: little foot traffic and a nice view. But the sun and warmth won’t stick around for long, which will be perfect for when I can convince myself to slap down the big bucks for these:


Boots, boots, whatever.

They’re so pretty! And I’ll totally use them in Sussex, right. I mean, it’s England, it rains there all the time. Yeah, that’s how weather works.

As for now I’m going to try and cheer myself up. I’ve come down with a dreadful cold. My throat was so sore today that I imagined it must be how a host feels when they’re first implanted with a tok’ra. Oh, yes, I am that big of a geek. For now I’m going to curl up with a box of kleenex, a bowl of blue jell-o, and my Hulu queue, all while trying to forget what ingredients actually compose jell-o.

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