I Want to Go Bunburrying

So, I asked Anne and Rachel the other day if, on the whole, my ideas tended to be good or bad. Not surprisingly, the ones I am serious about tend to be good, while the ones I come up with at the spur of the moment and tend to dub “awesome” or some synonym thereof, tend to, well, be wildly unrealistic. But I feel like, on the whole, I am a fairly rational person. There are probably quite a few people who would disagree with that assessment, but I don’t think many of them read my blog, so I’m good.

Seriously, though. My judgment’s not terrible. Well, it is if I’m expressing thoughts extemporaneously, but on the whole I’m of a fairly stable mind – if you exclude the talking to myself. My point is, I’m not a total crackpot.

For example, I would never do this:

Skydiving Club Love Triangle Ends Predictably

Skydiving Club Love Triangle Ends PredictablyEls Clottemans, a 26 year-old mentally unstable Belgian skydiver, has beensentenced to 30 yearsfor murdering a woman with whom she shared a lover bydisabling the woman’s parachute.Love triangles in parachute clubs are a dangerous game.

I mean, the skydiving I would try. The murder, not so much. Especially since that is one of my greatest fears: dying from a free fall. Well, I guess the fall doesn’t have an adverse effect on living so much as the falling body striking the ground at terminal velocity. (In this instance, terminal velocity is a pun!) But still. I think dying from sudden, foreseen or unforeseen impact with the ground would suck. I’m all for going out in a hilariously creative fashion, but hopefully it doesn’t involve heights (and it occurs after I’ve lived a fulfilling life). Other fears of mine include: cockroaches (slightly irrational); getting a paper cut on my eye (not entirely rational, but not entirely irrational, either); being assaulted (perfectly rational); not finding a significant other (slightly irrational (I hope) but I have a bit of a difficult personality).

Now, after all that drama, let’s try something to cheer us up:


Oh, wait, that was just annoying. Here you go:

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