Civil Is Sexy

Best Halloween Weekend yet! Honestly, I’ve never celebrated the holiday like I did this year. And I didn’t even dress up. As much as I want to pontificate about how great the Halloween festivities were, this post is dedicated to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. You’ll get your Halloween post by the end of this week, promise.  Anyway, let’s do it.

For someone as invested in politics as myself (interning, majoring in Political Communication, aspiring to, you know, work in the White House, etc.) I had never before been to a political rally. And, though the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was technically nonpartisan, not having endorsed any specific candidate, party or platform, it was a decidedly political forum because that is what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert focus on four nights a week via their television shows.

It’s easy to classify the event as a political rally, but really it was more of a gathering, albeit large, focused on airing Americans frustration with our political leaders and, most pointedly, the media. I mean, the rally took place on the National Mall, with the Capitol Building as a backdrop.

I have to tell you, I had a pretty awesome spot in the 215,000 person crowd. I better have, since Anne got me up at 7:15 (per my request). By 9:00am we were on the Mall. By the time I arrived home that afternoon, I had been on my feet for over 9 hours and walked at least 3 miles. All compeltely worth it. I danced to the Roots, sang along with Jon & Stephen, laughed with John Oliver and had a great time milling about in the crowd with my friends, watching the event on the telescreen in front of me. This was our view:

And here’s some friends and myself in the overwhelmingly large crowd:

Overall, it was a great experience that I would easily repeat. The event had the perfect blend of moments that were funny, honest, entertaining, and overwhelming. Jon Stewart’s speech at the end of the rally was beautifully poignant and really reflected well the entire point of the rally. Here’s hoping he’ll come back soon.

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