Lock it up, Shut it down.

To quote Chris Colfer:

Today I passed a man with a “The End is Near” sign. With Oprah, Larry King, and the Harry Potter movies all ending, I think he’s right.

It’s true. Some iconic tv shows were laid to rest this last season, including: 24, Flight of the Conchords, Law & Order, LOST, Monk, and Reno 911. But, two of the most influential series of the last decade are finally shutting down. On the one hand, you have Harry Potter, and on the other, LOST. And, while I recognize that you can’t really compare the two, I’m going to anyway:

While Lost and the Harry Potter series were both  wise in knowing when to call it quits and how to wrap up their intricate plots in a relatively timely manner, overall, Harry Potter has to take the cake. Lost, while managing to change the way people watched tv, got hung up on slow reveals that weren’t always satisfying. Harry Potter, however, managed to re-engage an apathetic generation in reading.

The Final(e) Breakdown:


  • I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t overwhelmed, either.
  • There were a lot more questions raised than answered.
  • Ambiguous which can either be satisfying for a large audience or just frustrating as hell. I was kind of cheesed off, and saw the ending as a bit of a cop-out, even though I enjoyed it. (Kind of like The Awakening.)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book):

  • Spectacular, but I thought the epilogue was a bit of a stretch (though ultimately satisfying).
  • Credit for keeping the action flowing and for tying up all the loose ends
  • Daring: lots of death and intrigue
  • The more anticipated of the two.

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