Casey Jones Might’ve been onto Something

Tired. I’m so very, very tired. To the point where I have a headache from not getting enough sleep. My parents will say that that’s crap since twice over break I slept in past 2pm. But that’s only because I was cramming friend time in until the wee hours of the morning.

And, although there’s no time-zone change-over between Cleveland and DC, the 30 plus hours of travel time logged over the course of 6 days will kind of do one in. That’s right. Of the 141 hours of my Thanksgiving break, 30 of them were spent traveling. That’s just over a fifth of my entire vacation. And now I’m feeling it.

How could I have possibly traveled that much in so little time? Let me paint you a picture:

  1. An 11 hour train ride from DC to Cleveland, arriving in the Cle at 3 am.
  2. One hour round trip from my house to Downtown Cleveland to help my dad decorate his office for the ArtCraft Holiday Show.
  3. Driving with the family to Western New York accounted for 6 hours in the car, total.
  4. Another hour was spent driving from my aunt & uncle’s house to the nursing home a couple cities over to pick up my Grandma from the nursing home.
  5. Another joyous 11 hours on the train back to DC.

And, for those of you who don’t frequent the rails, train seats are not the most comfortable nor are they the easiest kind of seat to fall asleep in. Which is why I’m sitting at work, about to slump over onto the keyboard. Not much else is keeping me going but the promise of take-out and a movie upon my return to the dorm.

At least the otherwise unbearable monotony of the train was made tolerable by my pre-loading streaming episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on my laptop.

Now, as a holiday gift to you, the show that got me through Thanksgiving:

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