When I was just a little girl…

Well, consensus is that I’m finally growing up. Slowly, but surely. The list of things that scare the bejeezus out of me is slowly shortening and evolving towards a more adult mind-set. With the odd exception, of course. I feel that binders will be temporarily added to my list of fears – my pinky finger got caught in a binder snap this afternoon at work and I had to call a coworker over to help me out. My finger’s bruised and the nail has a little bit of a dent. I’ll suffer through it.

Some fears I find I am now ready to face, like Alice in Wonderland. While I have no desire to watch the remake, I think I’m ready to give the 1951 version another go-round. You see, when I was little the whole falling-down-the-rabbit-hole, back-and-forth shrinking-and-growing thing freaked me right out. But, as I re-watch the clip, I find similarities between other films which never bothered me.

For instance, when Alice first goes down the rabbit hole, her falling and shrinking reminds me of the Wizard of Oz – during the tornado, as Dorothy witnesses all of the objects and people whizzing by her window. The vibrant, strobe-light like colors remind me of the Aristocats (which didn’t bother me as a child because they creepy effects were put on cats, not humans). As the scene progresses, the surreal nature of the shrinking-doors remind me fondly (for the most part) of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

But, alas, some things never change. I have always, and always will be, terrified of “Pathways into Darkness”. It was a computer game from the early 1990s, and, after 15 years, it’s still the most petrifying game I’ve ever seen. See for yourself:

Told you.

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