“I’ve Been Following Your Career Forever”

I just geeked out / am geeking out in the biggest way!!!! Ah. And not in the I-enjoy-ironically-watching-SyFy’s-made-for-tv-movies way, but in the real extreme of Nerdfest 2011. See, my Jacksonian Era: The Rise of Mass Politics professor just gave me the green-light to write my biographical research paper on Charles Preuss!!! Exactly. No one has a clue who that is. Not even my teacher, apparently. Well, he was the cartographer on the Fremont expeditions. Still with me? Anyway, I’m now geeking out even more because I found this This American Life story that I can use in my paper. And it’s Sarah Vowell. Everything is the best.

Even better (I know, right?), now, in the middle of my history class, I’ve come to a realization:  This history minor was the best decision I could’ve made academically.

Okay, well, that’s a bit of a stretch. Choosing to come to GW and major in Political Communication was a pretty big deal. The choice to go to England for a semester will probably have a pretty big impact on my studies. When/If I decide to go to Law / Grad school … you get my drift. The thing about my (potential) history minor (I still have to file the paperwork. And fill it out.), is that, as of this summer and after graduation, and for many years to come, I’ll be able to do this:

Not only will I be able to get abominably drunk, but I’ll be able to get high caliber actors like Don Cheadle, Zooey Deschanel, and Will Ferrel to reenact my drunken ramblings. God bless America. Maybe I’ll get loaded and talk about Charles Preuss. Nothing bad could come of that, right?

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