This Day Exploded into Awesomeness

Everything is the best. Today has been one of my favorite days in recent memory. I couldn’t stop smiling all day. I woke up at a reasonable hour (before 10am), and stayed productive throughout the day. I applied for my passport so that I can finally study abroad (UK or bust!), was the 2nd person in line at Chipotle the entire day, had great classes, found out that Demetri Martin is coming to DC in April, and, to top it all off, it was 65 degrees today. Absolutely beautiful.

Then, when I got home, I found Rachel and Amanda watching Friends in my room. A delightful turn of events. We ordered dinner and at 7:30 we tuned into Jeopardy!, one of my favorite shows (minus Alex Trebek, obviously.) To make it better, it was the premier of the IBM super-competitor, Watson. If Amanda and I were to team up, we would dominate him. Then we settled in with a new episode of HIMYM. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I found out that Radiohead is releasing a new album this weekend!!! Could life get any better? Yes!, because I also got to go on a virtual tour of the University of Sussex campus. Nothing could have made me happier today. Except, perhaps, a round of golf.

Something else that makes me happy:

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