Fire Bad. Tree Pretty. Beer Good.

As you may have noticed, this history class has quickly turned into a glorified time during which I can blog. It’s rather nice. (Calm down, mom. I just bagged an “A” on this class’s first paper.) And what I’ve found is… revolutionary. My pop-culture brain just liquefied. It couldn’t handle the intense shock it just endured.

You see, I was chatting with my friend about concerts we could go to when we are reunited this summer: Phish, Flaming Lips, etc. Which led me, of course, to look up concerts in the DC area until such time as I have been relocated to North East Ohio for 4 whole months. Anyway, what I’ve managed to find is potentially the greatest pop-culture geek-fest in which I could ever step foot. (Except, perhaps, Comic-con. But I draw the line somewhere.) It’s a good thing that I’ve already found a bar-hopping buddy for senior year. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

If only they changed their name to "The Bronze"

328 more days. Bring it, 2011.

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