Midterms Are Here and I’m Still Smiling

Despite that it’s midterm season, I’m in a pretty good mood. I’ve reconciled with the fact that I’ll be spending most of this evening reading, underlining, highlighting, memorizing and, quite possibly, flash-carding. It’s fine. I’ve also got to come up with a paper topic and clear another with a professor. Then study some more, write a literary review, yadda yadda yadda, no one cares.

You can’t bring me down. The weather is perfect: it’s 60 degrees and raining with a dash of thunderstorm thrown in. I couldn’t be happier. Also, we’re getting a dorm guest at the end of this week. Amanda’s best friend is spending his spring break in DC and staying in my room. It’s basically going to be a week-long slumber party. I couldn’t be more thrilled. And, while he really get’s here on Friday, it’s not actually that far away, because, as Amanda edified me: Tuesday’s doesn’t count, because sometimes it’s a leap year. Perfectly logical.

But maybe my favorite thing that I’ve discovered recently is this site, Save the Words. It’s basically a project trying to keep more obscure words in use. You can adopt a word, get a word on a t-shirt, learn stuff. It’s just the best.

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