Aww, GW

For as much as I love GW, sometimes I kind of hate it. Not in the “I need to transfer” way or even the “I can’t wait for Spring Break to get out of here” way. More in the, “Really? These are the people I chose to go to school with?” way. Because, honestly G-Dub. Sometimes you’re kind of repulsive. (**cough** Losing to St. Joe’s last night. **cough**)

This last month, however, has brought a string of things that make me proud to go here. Instead of the richy-rich, over-privileged, uptight Greeks with their Crackberries and Longchamps complaining about the lines in Starbucks, a bright burst of genuine quirkiness was exposed. Some people are clearly after my frigid, geeky, pop-culture obsessive heart. Aww, you guys.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m never up to date on the newest music. Well, that’s not necessarily true. I’m rarely up to date on Top 40 music. Especially rap. Just a character flaw, I suppose. So, while I knew the song “Shots” existed, I wasn’t all too familar with it. Now I am, thanks to a certain president of a private university in Washington, DC. That’s right, Steven Knapp. (He’s in the light grey suit.)

They even used that clip during a dance contest at last week’s basketball game. GW for the win. Speaking of music videos and basketball games, one student made this video to get us pumped for our shot of going to the A10 tournament. (Sigh.) It’s kind of my favorite song, even if I can’t recall having heard “Black & Yellow.”

But maybe the quirkiest development is our movement to have Charlie Sheen deliver the Commencement Address for the Class of 2012. And yeah, you read that right. At last count, over 1700 people had joined the group of Facebook. I’m just saying, that’s more than 15% of our student body. And the seniors that aren’t joining don’t really count, because they won’t even be here. There is also a Twitter account for the movement as well as a blog. I’m not the biggest Charlie Sheen fan, but I do have #TigerBlood. Besides, what college graduate doesn’t want to bi-win? They could bi-win here (on campus) and there (in the real world).

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