“I didn’t like it outside the bubble, Liz. It was very ironic.”

I can’t decide if I’m working on becoming “ironic” or “hipster.” Maybe I’m becoming a scenester? One can only hope.

I want to say that today was a comedy of errors, but really it was nothing more than unfortunate. My morning went swimmingly enough, my afternoon decently, but after twilight was really when the shit hit the fan.

It’s snowing in Cleveland. Normally, this is no cause for concern, but it’s throwing a major wrench into my travel plans. It means that my bus arrived in Pittsburgh 45 minutes early, but my ride from the Cle is running late, stuck behind snowplows. Not being too familiar with Pittsburgh, I enlisted my dad in helping me find refuge. He directed me, via phone, to a local hotel. “Just go sit in the lobby, they can’t kick you out.”

Oh, how wrong he can be. Yes, daddy dearest, they can and will kick you out. But at least they’re polite about it. The poor concierge took pity on me and directed me to a coffee shop just a few blocks away. And guys? I’ve never been more ecstatic to see a Starbucks in my life. Once I got there I was so world-weary I almost cried when I got my hot chocolate. New low? Possibly. As long as I get to stay in the relatively clean haven with a “medium” (you bet I did)  hot chocolate instead of wandering the streets like a cheap hooker, I’m fine with that.

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