Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices

Poor Roommate probably has to deal with my bursting into her room once every two weeks to listen to a rant about how I’ve abandoned all of my hopes and dreams for a new career path. Well, not all my hopes and dreams, but a significant portion nonetheless. Some things, like my excitement to study abroad and explore Brighton, the UK and the rest of Europe (5 months and counting!), will never change. But I’d say that I reconsider my education and career paths at least twice a month.

At its base, planning for the future is my inherent form of procrastination. And let me tell you, since the beginning of this school year I’ve turned it into an art form. I vacillate between post-graduate plans like a four-year-old trying to decide which type of candy bar to buy at the grocery store. So far I’ve switched between wanting to go to grad school for a Master’s in public policy to just going to law school. Then I made the brilliant cognitive leap that I could enroll in a dual-degree program – two birds, one stone! But, hmm, I thought. That may be a little time-consuming. (Not to mention expensive.) Besides, what would I even do with a law degree? Open a bowling alley?

Then I thought – what do I love more than anything? The immediate answer was writing. But, see, I have this crippling fear (which is probably fairly accurate) that I’m really not all that creative. Or funny. Also, if you’ve ever met me, you know that I can’t tell a story to save my life. Granted I’m better with a pen and paper than verbally, but no matter; I can’t imagine myself completely losing my joy for writing. The logical conclusion was “Oh, I should get a degree in creative writing.” But that begs the question: What the hell would I do with that? Apparently there are also degrees in Professional Writing. That at least sounds like a degree with which I could potentially, maybe, once-the-economy-turns-around, eventually swindle some sap into giving me a job. Also, there are some fantastic universities in England which offer those kinds of degrees. Yes, please?

Last week Roommate had to deal with yet another flip-flop. As much as I would love to write for a television show, I cannot fathom how I could ever possibly find a job. That doesn’t mean I won’t necessarily try, just that I have absolutely no clue where to begin. I have realized, though, that I am fairly limit-less when it comes to genres; I have a working knowledge of every stylistic show, except, perhaps reality. I think that I would make a fantastic continuity editor. Seriously, I already watch tv like it’s my job. You know what else I love? Taking notes. Why not combine the two and actually make a job out of it?

At times I question whether I would find a career in television fulfilling. Could I do something like that every day for the rest of my life and feel like I’ve made a significant impact on society? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, what are my chances of accomplishing that in any given profession? Slim to none. No matter what, I hope I’ll look back more fondly on my career decisions than some of these guys.

Here’s a song from one of my favorite shows – Veronica Mars.

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