I Basically Just Guess When I’m Using Semicolons

Guys, not to brag or anything, but I’m a wealth of knowledge when it comes to non-religion based faiths of the Enlightenment (you know, natural religion, deism, atheism, etc.). Jokes. If only. You’d think after my working on a term paper about that very subject for roughly 27 out of the last 48 hours, that may be the case. But, alas, it isn’t.

Okay, in fairness I wasn’t working that entire time. But I also didn’t procrastinate as much as I could have. How I didn’t break Twitter with all of my dilly-dallying, I’ll never know. Also a miracle: my Pride and Prejudice DVD hasn’t quit on me yet; that has been my go-to homework movie for over 3 years. (Excuse me while I reminisce about the marathon of AP English lit. homework that I did until 5am the night before senior year of high school. Ah, memories.)

For those keeping score at home, I’m 2 term papers down, with 2 to go. One of which I only found out about yesterday. (It was a sneak attack, I swear. There was only an oblique reference to it in the syllabus and no hint as to what it will be on.) It’s okay, though, because it means that this semester’s wrapping up. I’ll miss my friends and DC, but I won’t mind skipping out on the oppressive heat and humidity. Why subject myself to it here when I can have it in more sporadic doses with less air conditioning at home?

Here’s something to break the monotony:

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