This One’s Optimistic

In exactly 20 weeks I’ll be leaving this continent for the very first time. It’s kind of a big deal. But seriously, the furthest out of the country I’ve ever been was Niagara Falls, Canada. And the way I see it is, if you can make a day-trip out of visiting the country (from America), it doesn’t really count as traveling abroad. I seriously doubt that I went more than 10 miles away from our border.  And when I went? Didn’t even need a passport.

Right now I’m just excited, exhilarated, and very optimistic. I have plenty of time to freak out (I really do need to buy a suitcase and find a flight, though).  But for now I’m just going to roll with it. I’m happy with my choice and have something to look forward to (aside from papers and finals, obviously).

I have a long list of things I want to do once I get where I’m going. There’s time for that list to grow and change. But for now, all I really want to say is, 140 Days! Brighton, see you then!

For your edification (and viewing pleasure):

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