Creature Comfort

Obviously I found a new favorite site. My mom’s going to see this and wig. I’m not known for my proclivity for fashion. But these clothes: there’s just so much want. They all look comfy and would travel well, but aren’t things that would make me look like trash. But before I can feed the fashion beast that is growing inside of me, I must first keep a steady eye on my bank account. I can’t go broke before I even purchase my plane ticket, that’s just not acceptable behavior. But… look at all the pretty. It’s all just so me. Except for the fact that I don’t have pierced ears. Regardless, I will prevail!

Also, rewards will be given to those who can find me a place to buy (and subsequently own) that scarf. I found the designer website but can’t seem to find a price or purchase method. It’s killing me.

Have a springy song (introducing-me-to-the-band credit goes to my friend Hannah):

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