Gambino is a Mastermind

For as much as I love music, I never go to concerts. Honestly, I’ve only ever been to two in my life. One was in August of 2008 when I went with my brother to see Radiohead at Blossom Music Center. The second was Sunday night when I went with Amanda to see Donald Glover / Childish Gambino at the Black Cat in DC.

Even though I finished with finals on Thursday of last week, I stuck around DC three extra days so I could see the sold-out concert. It was a great decision. He delivered a nice blend of stand-up with rap.  Donald Glover spent about a half an hour doing jokes about Justin Beiber, Reggie Bush, and being co-workers with Ken Jeong and Alison Brie.

The second part of his act, after a brief interlude of a couple videos reminiscent of his time with Derrick Comedy, was his music. He rapped and sang for a solid hour. Most of his songs were tracks from his self-released EP.  The nice thing about a Childish Gambino show is that it’s not just him standing up with a producer on a computer in the background making beats. Instead, he’s got a drummer, bassist, violin player, and guitarist/computer mixer. His clever lines make it pretty obvious he’s got a brain in his head. I mean, the guy did graduate from Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Dramatic Writing. He also had a job writing for 30 Rock before he was 25. A fact which he references during one of his songs.  A lot of people give Glover flak for being a “white rapper.” And, while he did write a lot of material for Jack Donaghy, and despite a pasty-skinned girl from the suburbs like me liking him, the crowd was pretty diverse.

In the end, he performed a high-energy show. I laughed, I danced, I sang along. Okay, and maybe I ogled a bit, too. What’s a girl to do? But all in all, he put on a great show. I’d go see him again in a heartbeat. A very quick, fluttery, excited heartbeat that belies how very in love with him I am.

It’s fine.

This is a video of him performing at the Black Cat during the encore. No, my spot wasn’t quite as good. I was about three rows of people back and stage left. And, yes, he did the entire encore shirtless. It was the best going away present ever.

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