Thoughts I Had While Shoe Shopping

  1. Okay, I came for rainboots.
  2. No, I don’t need a purse. Well, I do, but I’ve looked at all of these before and I never buy one. Keep moving.
  3. I should check the clearance section. You never know.
  4. Flats! I need new flats for work.
  5. All of these flats are ugly. Or have no arch support. I need arch support.
  6. Oh! These boots are cute. But a little tight in the toes, right? Maybe they’ll have them in a bigger size. Probably not with my luck.
  7. Is the arch support really supposed to be that far up in Sperry’s? God, my arches are high.
  8. Oh they do have those boots in a larger size! These fit better, I think. The toes aren’t loose, but I can try that hair-dryer trick.
  9. Is this real leather? I think this might actually be real leather.
  10. Real leather for only $100! Marked down another 30%?! Oh, $70 for leather boots, I think I need these.
  11. Wait, I need validation. I should send a picture to Mom. I should probably call her, too.
  12. Mothers shouldn’t be allowed to work while I’m seeking shoe advice!
  13. How do I feel about these wide leg-openings? I don’t hate them?
  14. I should ask twitter for help, but the internet is slow here.
  15. I need validation.
  16. What would Twitter think about the wide calf on these boots? I think it’d be okay, because then my jeans won’t get twisted or bunch up if they have wide calf openings.
  17. I think I really like these. The heels are actually comfortable.
  18. I’ll just carry these around while I look at rainboots.
  19. Oh, they moved the rain boots. And they still don’t have black. But they added purple.
  20. Teal or purple, purple or teal?
  21. Twitter had decided on teal. But that’s when it was in competition with black.
  22. Oh. They don’t have the teal in my size. I’ve always wanted purple rain boots.
  23. Are rain boots supposed to be loose or tight? Loose, right? For chunky socks?
  24. The 8s are weirdly tight in the middle of my feet. Probably because my arches are so high. And the 9s are kind of loose. But they won’t fall off my feet when I’m walking, so that’s all that matters.
  25. 8s or 9s? 8s or 9s?
  26. 9s? 9s.
  27. Okay. Boots. I’m getting both pairs. So many boots.
  28. Oh yeah, those were on clearance AND I’ve got a $10 off coupon.
  29. Everything’s coming up Molly.


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