What’s Up, Wednesday? //5\

Welcome back to WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY, which is hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. To learn more about it, you should really visit their respective pages. I use it to keep me writing, to make myself think about writing, and to force myself to think positive and find things to look forward to.

What I’m Reading

This weekend I resisted the urge to read fanfiction and knocked out the first 500 pages of Goblet of Fire and started my re-read of Unspoken in preparation for Unmade. This weekend I will be re-reading Raven Boys & Dream Thieves so I can finally sink my teeth into Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

SPEAKING OF, I saw BLLB at an indie in Louisville on Saturday and panicked. So hard. Like, waves of anxiety crashed down upon my mortal frame, and I was a’feared that I would drown. It wasn’t to be released for 3 days. (Happy Book Birthday, BLLB!) I already had an autographed, doodled-in copy on pre-order. Whatever was I to do? One friend suggested buying it and auctioning it, but I decided that was immoral. So instead – maybe proving once and for all that I am not a Gryffindor because I cannot talk to people about how they accidentally put a book on a shelf that shouldn’t have been shelved yet – I chose to simply be happy for whomever is lucky enough to stumble across it.

What I’m Writing

I have now worked on That Golf Story in 4 states, The District, and somewhere in the sky, possibly over Pennsylvania. I have successfully waved goodbye to the 1/3rd mark on this draft!

Even though I’ve been teasing Kate with it for weeks now, I have yet to make the protagonists make out. I have been diligently working towards setting that up, raising the general sexual tension, and introducing conflicts, so there’s that. The prospect of writing such a fun scene is really keeping me motivated, so there’s that.

What Works for Me

I’m constantly trying to find good sources of motivation. Sometimes that’s to stop writing right before a really fun scene so I have something to entice me to sit down and write again soon. Sometimes it’s making a tumblr and fan-casting my characters. At the moment, it is the prospect of Publication Tattoos.

Back in (oh god) December of 2012, I promised myself that if I got my WIP-at-the-time published, I would get a tattoo commemorating it. I didn’t finish the draft until July of this year, but I have a sketch of the tattoo both floating around my head and on a scrap of paper in my apartment. Of all the tattoos I want, it’s the most thought-out. I know what it will be, and where it will be, and I am so, so excited for it. But I won’t get it until that story is published.

So now I’m working on a different WIP, and I’m dreaming up a new tattoo idea. I’m tempting myself. One day this book will be born and it will exist, not just in my mind, but in the world and on my skin. That’s pretty motivational.

Now I just have to think of a good way to make a golf story into a tattoo.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Oh my goodness, I’m surprised I wrote at all last weekend because I was too busy having the perfect day. My friend/roommate Amanda and I went to visit our friend/old roommate Anne who now lives in Louisville. From my inaugural trip to Waffle House, to seeing Blue Lily, Lily Blue in the wild, to knowing that Alabama shut-out Texas A&M to eating Blue Bell with my friends, to having the most amazing coffee ever, and seeing the Avett Brothers live, nothing could compare to being reunited with Anne.

I honestly can’t remember having a better weekend or being happier than the 60 hours I spent in Louisville, and I’m so, so glad I made that trip (and Anne) a priority.

7 thoughts on “What’s Up, Wednesday? //5\

  1. I mean, you really had to mention the shut out in this post? Really? SIGH. I am letting that go because of how much I like you. 😉

    I love that you have worked on your draft in so many places! That’s some of the most inspiring/inspired kind of writing — when you’re all over the place and the writing is all over the place with you. It’s always a little grounding for me when I’m traveling a lot and am focused on writing one.

    1. Hey listen, I gave you a 3 day grace period, I don’t know what more you want. I managed to resist tweeting you to shove it in your face Saturday (but that’s really only because I was at an Avett Brothers concert and had much better things to do (read: ogle Scott Avett)).

      Yes! I love seeing how different places/how I feel in different places shape my writing. One little constant in a field of question marks.

  2. I have WiP inspired tattoos! I tried to wait until I published something before I got one, but I’m addicted to them. I’ll probably be getting a new one for Christmas. 🙂

    And I am impressed by your willpower and well, I’m just impressed you passed on LB. I don’t think I could’ve done that. Can’t wait to start reading!

  3. That’s awesome! I don’t think WIP tattoos would work for me because for so long I didn’t finish stories, I got halfway through and stalled out. Learning that I could finish a draft was important. And I want tattoos (some non-writing inspired) but I am way too indecisive, so I still haven’t made any decisions.

    If I had already re-read Raven Boys and Dream Thieves I think I might have grabbed it. As it is, I think my signed copy is showing up in the mail today. Happy reading!

  4. I also have WIP inspired tattoos. I told myself when this sells, I will get it. 🙂 And so cool you have worked on your novel in so many places. So so neat. Hope your week is productive!

  5. Hi Molly!
    All of those books look awesome. I added Unspoken to my TBR list, but I may bump it up a few books and add some of the others you mentioned.
    Your tattoo idea is great–definitely can be really motivational.

    1. Oh, yay! I love Sarah Rees Brennan and I think Unspoken is a great place to start. Be warned, the author does love to rip reader’s hearts out.

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