What’s Up, Wednesday? //7\

Happy February! Welcome back to WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY, hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk. To learn more about it, you should really visit their respective pages. I use it to keep me writing, to make myself think about writing, and to force myself to think positive and find things to look forward to. I know the Northeast is covered in snow, but the DC area hasn’t been able to accumulate more than an inch (it seems), so this weeks’ WUW sidebar is a little idealistic.

What I’m Reading

Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. I started it ages ago, re-started it last week. I love Michael Chabon and wanted something to immerse myself in, but so far it just seems like a white dude’s mid-life crisis. But I’ve barely begun so I’m reserving judgment. Summerland was one of my favorite middle grade books and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is a masterpiece, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

On the non-fiction front, I’m reading The Great Cat Massacre by Robert Darnton. It was on the required reading list in a college course (Enlightenment Europe) and I finally have the time to sit down and read more than the few assigned sections.

In retrospect, I should have planned my book-pairing better because they both feel ‘adult’ and serious. Because, as I’m learning, everyone was too busy working themselves to death in 17th century France to have a little fun and frivolity in their lives.

What I’m Writing

That Golf Story – Kate and Bailey finally received Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 is off to, well, a start. The last couple of chapters had kissing, and drinking, and a lot of music but only a little bit of golf. So now I get to write a lot of golf. All of the golf. But in a fun way. Good news, though: I’m officially working on the final third of the draft.

Delia – Delia is what I’m calling the project I finished last summer because the main character’s name is Delia and I’m truly abhorrent at naming things. And she’s not getting written so much as getting revised. But that’s a part of the writing process, so she still counts. Poor Delia is a stagnant first half tied to an action-packed second half right now, but I promised myself that when I finished applying to grad schools I would start to revise her, so here we are.

What Works for Me

Outlining (apparently). That Golf Story is the first time I’ve outlined a story in its entirety before I began writing it. I wrote an overall outline for plot. Then I broke the plot into three sections and made sure there was rising action, and conflict, and resolutions. Which worked in that I found an organic way to split the draft into sections. Then I broke down chapter-by-chapter scenes. And sure, some stuff has been cut, characters have been added and others have merged; there’s a lot of stuff I hadn’t originally anticipated. Overall, though, having a guide has been a blessing. It’s easier for me to brainstorm. I can play with structure now that I actually have one.

This is all a far cry from Delia. She’s a hot mess. I developed my main character and had a vague idea of what I wanted for her, but I pants-d it. When I did outline, it was as I wrote. And I kept the outline in the same document as things that I cut and ideas that didn’t quite fit. So poor Delia’s all over the place, and the mythology struggles because of it. Revision will be harder because of it and that’s not really an exciting prospect as a first-time reviser.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

It was my birthday recently, so I planned myself the perfect day (and executed it pretty flawlessly). Let me just say: Wine jell-o shots are my new favorite thing. But before I drank, I got my first tattoo! To balance out all the fun, I’ve been productive – I’ve already filed my taxes, completed my FAFSA, and am officially done applying to grad schools! Now it’s just a waiting game.

6 thoughts on “What’s Up, Wednesday? //7\

  1. Happy belated Birthday! 😀
    I’m all about outlining, but sometimes I get lazy and plunge right into drafting…with horrible results lol. I find that the more I outline/plan, the smoother the execution. It’s almost like having a super bare bones draft in a way. Best of luck with both of your writing projects this week!

    1. Thanks!
      I usually don’t have the patience or foresight to outline, so this has been a nice blessing. Who knows if I’ll actually manage keep it up in the future, though.

  2. How did I miss this post yesterday?! Well, I’m here now! I am always envious of people who can read more than one book at once… it’s a skill I used to have, and then twenty-five happened, and now I can only read one book at a time. Well, one novel. I tend to mix in short stories and poetry with novels, but it must be readings I can finish in an hour and not another full-length novel. That said: 17th c. France was incredibly brutal, and surviving was super hard, and fun was nowhere to be found. It’s also, bizarrely, super romanticized, and I don’t get it. France totally sucked then.
    YAY GOLF! YAY DELIA! Also: The 100. We need to get on that. (I probably should actually catch up on the show instead of just reading summaries every week, but whatever… I know what’s going on in canon.)

    1. I read a little of everything. Usually I start a book and then read, like, hundreds of thousands of words of fanfic and then remember that books exist again. So Harry Potter and Summerland have been back-burnered since I’ve already read them. Reading more than one novel at the same time can be trying for me, still.

      17th century France was the WORST. I’m still in the first section, which is about how fairy tales can be used by scholars and anthropologists to guess what life of the plebes was like. It’s fascinating but a little dry.

      The 100. Bailey. Last night’s episode was SO GOOD. One of the best. So dramatic and beautiful and fierce. Please catch up soon.

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