Holly & Molly’s Epic Adventure

Sometimes my life gets interesting. Those moments are generally few and far between, but they make the monotony of class and work and well, routine, bearable. I’m glad I have friends that make me leave the comfort of my room, my laptop, my tv shows and my books and drag me on wild, unpredictable escapades. My most recent adventure started with a 10:30pm phone call from my friend Holly.

Holly: Hey, so what are you doing?

Me: Watching Supernatural.

H: Okay. Do you want to go to Delaware with me?

M: Like now? I mean, when would we get back? I don’t have class until 12:45 tomorrow, we could make this work.

H: I was thinking tomorrow. My brother-in-law’s mom has a casino voucher that expires tomorrow at midnight and if we go get it from their beach house we can cash it in and split the money.

M: How would we get there? How much is it worth?

H: We can borrow my sister’s car. If we leave after class tomorrow we can get to the beach house by seven. If we miss the metro we’ll just spend the night at my sister’s house and she’ll drop us off in the morning. We’d each get $130.

M: I’m pretty sure I can make this work. I can’t skip my classes, but if we leave right when I finish, we can pull it off.

So the next day I finished my classes, swung by the store, picked up some road-trip appropriate snacks (for inquiring minds: oreos, twizzlers, goldfish crackers and diet pepsi) ready for anything.

Cut to: hours on hours on hours of car travel. We passed the giant Mormon church(?). Giant spires in the sky, towering over the tree-line. I got to cross the Bay Bridge for the first time. But other than that the driving parts were fairly boring. We almost got lost trying to navigate to the Taco Bell (Maryland highway exits are weird sometimes. Also, their rumble strips are weak compared to those in Cleveland.) There were a lot of fields. And a lot of Adele. Not much Bon Iver, though, because Holly doesn’t appreciate that they’re good road trip music. I can understand that, though; I didn’t want her to fall asleep at the wheel.

But we made it to the coast of Delaware in good time even though TomTom had different ideas. Pulling into the beach house I couldn’t help but think the floors would be coated in sand, much like that two-part episode of Friends. It wasn’t. It also wasn’t on the water. But it was a gorgeous, if small, place. After fumbling around and misreading directions of where the voucher was hidden (right bedroom off of the left hallway, not right bedroom off of the right hallway. Duh), we left. Well, we tried to leave. Holly had a bit of an issue with arming the house and re-locking the doors. Luckily the alarm didn’t get activated and we didn’t have to deal with the local popo. I’m sure our story wouldn’t have gone over well.

Then we were off to Ocean City to hit the casino. It was the first time I’d ever been in a casino. The last time I was up at the Indian Reservation in New York, I was still too young to step foot inside. But Holly and I, we managed to look sketchy in a casino. Which, when you think about it, is difficult because casinos are inherently sketchy. It probably didn’t help that we went inside, had our IDs scrutinized by two rent-a-cops, cashed in the voucher and peaced. SUCCESS!

The drive back to White Flint was unremarkable. Dark skies and open roads. We forewent the WaWa’s because we were still full of off Taco Bell and Dairy Queen. We talked, we laughed, we sang. We got sleepy. Cash in hand we crashed in White Flint before Metro-ing to campus at the ungodly hour of 7am. Then it was business as usual.

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