Molly graduated from the George Washington University in 2013 with a B.A. in Political Communication. She graduated again in 2016 from Syracuse University with an M.A. in Television-Radio-Film. Both degrees were sought because she watched entirely too much of The West Wing during her formative years and couldn’t decide if she wanted to write speeches or screenplays.

Molly is currently a scripted television assistant at Gulfstream Pictures. Her contemporary YA novel, GOOD GAME, CARTER HASTINGS, was chosen for the 2017 Pitch Wars and is currently undergoing revisions. She is a contributor to The Televixen.  Previously, Molly was an assistant at AMPLE and wrote recaps at Off Color TV. She grew up in both Alabama and Ohio but her favorite place to live is Washington, DC. She loves YA books, college football, black coffee, Captain America, and oxford commas.