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2015 Molly will own it.

2015 Molly will do things that are important to her and make her happy.

2015 Molly can’t be tamed. She’ll be fierce, like a wildebeest.

2015 Molly will be ready to give anyone the finger at any given moment. She’ll be mentally wearing this shirt under all her super-cute outfits:

2015 Molly will wear more lipstick, dark red, like the blood of her enemies.

2015 Molly will write more, write better, and write drunker. She’ll write with the tears of her doubters.

2015 Molly will get her first tattoo, a double-helix piercing, and dye her hair for the first time.

2015 Molly will read more books. She’ll travel. She’ll try new things.

2015 Molly is going to work hard to be happy and love the person she is.

2015 Molly is going to have a great year.

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