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Television Tuesdays: Agent Carter

Peggy Carter is like a beautiful, flawless, ruthless demon of justice.

Show Overview

In case you’ve been living under a rock or something*, Agent Carter is a new Marvel show (practically a mini-series at this point. The first season is a meager 7 episodes long, but there’s potential for more) on ABC. It’s about the indomitable Peggy Carter who you may have seen in Captain America: The First Avenger or in flashbacks on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She worked and flirted with Steve Rogers back in WWII. Agent Carter is set in the aftermath of the war, after Steve’s plane went down and she’s working Stateside for the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve, the precursor to SHIELD).

Captain America Tie-Ins

One of my absolute favorite things that Agent Carter did was integrate clips from the Captain America movies. More than that, they did it so smoothly. The call-backs and in-jokes to the MCU were also flawless. (Especially fondue. Bless.)

I started the episode super emotional about Stevie because THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO GO DANCING. And then I fell down the emotional hole of thinking that when Steve purposefully crashed the plane in the Arctic, at least he’d be reunited with Bucky. I may or may not have cried about “’til the end of the line”. Don’t look at me.

The Dream Team

I’m not sure what I was expecting from Howard Stark, but in retrospect it was that, exactly. The “Millionaire, Playboy, Traitor” headline about Howard was a FUCKING BRILLIANT reference to Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist way that Tony uses to describe himself without the Iron Man suit. I can’t wait to really delve into Tony’s Daddy Issues and oh my god, help.

I have to say, I was surprisingly into every single interaction between Peggy and Howard. For example: how did Howard hit on Peggy but still manage to make it all about her capabilities to be a great agent??? I don’t care what their relationship is, I want more of it. And not just because of how hilarious it is to think about re: Steve and Tony because the fact that it is a possibility that Steve’s almost-girlfriend could have had a relationship with Tony’s father is delightful.

It was also a joy to watch Peggy so artfully lie to a fellow agent to protect Stark. Oh my gosh, I would pay money for a bonus feature of Stark trying to kiss her and her pushing him into the Thames. Also, I wouldn’t be completely opposed to Peggy and Stark kissing.

And let’s not forget about Jarvis! It was so weird hearing that voice attached to a human. But oh boy, I might have a tiny crush on Jarvis. Mostly his voice. But also his dry, dry humor. And most especially the way he became Peggy’s sidekick, I’m weeping with joy. I know that he sounded shady on the mysterious car phone , but I still have faith in him because Tony loved him enough to name his sarcastic little AI after him. He can’t be all bad.

Gizmos, Gadgets, and Guns

I want Peggy to teach me how to throw a punch, shoot a gun, and look that good in lipstick. I have a serious lady boner for Peggy Carter. AND she can do chemistry? Peggy Carter needs to get the fuck out. The way the scene with her in the apartment bathroom defusing that bomb was shot made her look like a witch and I’m super into it. THE BRIGHTEST AGENT OF HER AGE.

On that note, I feel like guns, or any projectile weapons, really, are not great in mad scientist labs. But I do really like the villains. The mythology and technology of this show is just so interesting to me. I’m so incredibly on board with all of this. “Leviathan is coming,” Creepy No-Voice dude says, and I know that’s biblical, but all I can think of is the last season of Supernatural I watched.

The Steve Rogers Radio Show was a thing of beauty. (Imagine Steve Rogers hearing a broadcasting and blushing. Just imagine.) The whole thing is so familiar because my dad loves old time radio. I also have fond memories of (the truly phenomenal book) The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I am enamored with the juxtaposition between Peggy fighting and the radio broadcast. It was a thing of beauty.

Other wonderful parts of the episode included: Peggy squatting at Howard’s den of iniquity mansion; the cute waitress chick and her cute nickname for Peggy and Peggy’s desire to protect her (yay female friendships!); Peggy Carter being the best damn agent SSR’s ever had; everything about the astounding inadequacy of the male SSR agents.

Overall, 10/10 would watch again, would buy on DVD, will obsess about for the foreseeable future.

Things I Absolutely Yelled at the Screen

  • Oh my GOD this intro montage.
  • Oh, god. Oh. Oh I hate Director Douchebag.
  • Yo, Peggy. You’re supposed to put napkins with notes on them in water glasses. Duh.
  • Me, to picture of Steve: UGH, THAT SCRAWNY LITTLE IDIOT
  • HEROINE. I want to be 5% as fierce as Peggy.
  • Fucking. Love. Her.

Apparently I Had Some Feelings About Peggy’s Wardrobe

  • Oh, damn. She looks fierce as HELL.  goddamn. Got. Damn.
  • The blue & red dress she’s wearing in this secret meeting is V cute and also possibly the only thing she’s worn all episode that hasn’t emphasized her truly GIGANTIC rack.
  • That leather jacket/lipstick combo is glorious.

Notable & Quotable

  • The SSR has a secret entrance, just like the Ministry of Magic!!!
  • Peggy’s American accent is flawless.
  • This typewriter thing reminds me of FRINGE when they talk to the Other Side.
  • At least Jarvis had the decency to put the receiver next to the radio when he puts Peggy on hold.
  • I’ve never loved anyone the way I love Peggy Carter. Except maybe Sam Carter (Stargate SG-1). I’m gonna formulate so many headcanons where they’re related.
  • I really like all of Stark’s gadgets. This goes for both generations of Starks.

“You know, there’s a difference between being an independent woman and being a spinster” words of advice from this blonde girl that I really need to take to heart.

“That’s so-and-so, she’s a legal secretary; that’s whats-her-name, she’s a lounge singer; that’s Sarah, she’s a slut.” – I laughed so loudly when Angie went around introducing the girls at the complex


*That was a bit harsh, wasn’t it? I’m sorry about that. It’s just that I may have, possibly, accidentally started reading Captain America fanfic. As much as one can “accidentally” do that, by which I mean “not at all”. I am a missile, locking onto a target and reading the hell out of it. And that’s led me down the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) rabbit hole.

Which, you know, shouldn’t mean much. Except that probably I have some differences in fanon and canon rattling around my head because as much as I LOVED Winter Soldier, I thought First Avenger was kind of a little bit snooze worthy. Now that I’m super into the Howling Commandos and Bucky & Steve’s friendship, and kind of in love with Peggy Carter, I’ve probably changed my tune. Like, I would try and watch that again, because if I put my phone down and focused all my attention on it, I’d probably be all over it.

tl;dr I already have a lot of feelings about these characters and basically none of that is based off of their appearances in the Captain America films.

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